Turnstile follow up

Does anyone know how many coins didn’t go through the turnstile?

I searched through the forum and a few block explorers and I couldn’t seem to locate the answer.


According to the ECC metrics page theres still about 28k

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You can see the pools here:



Somebody asked on a different thread recently how long will we keep it around, what constitutes a reasonable amount of time for people to migrate. It has been brought up before but that was a little while ago and I think part of the reason there wasn’t much headway made then is because we were further from whatever span of time anyone had in mind than today. Sprout is now almost 4 years past EOS and in the coming ones I think that reasonable amount of time will have been unquestioningly achieved but exactly how many idk.

Is the prevailing thought that these coins should be burnt,“liberated”, or recycled?

It always seems wasteful to me to have coins locked away or burnt when a system has a fixed total supply.

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While I agree that burning is not the most long-term effective option, recycling coins might be seen as “confiscation”. So, I prefer the burn option for today. If a future Zcash community wants re-mine those coins, they’re free to do so.

Based on Zcash Blockchain Info, there’s just over 28k left in Sprout. Less than 1/5 of the total dev fund that ZCG has received. So, might be best to not risk it for the optics.

Sprout functionality is basically whittled down to deshielding and nothing else. Honestly I wonder if anyone would even notice if we turned it off.