Video cards not running on maximum capability

Currently rigs mining ZEC with EWBF Zec.miner.0.3.4b
I am running 12 x MSI 1060 6gb Armor set in two rigs x 6 , and saw that they are not running in their max capability(core clock is go down from 1760 to 1600 and up again, stock settings) also while mining cards can hit up to 4400 sol/s but often drop to 1900-2000. My question is how to stabilize cards to run max performance (without clocking ofc) and is there issue with this Sol/s drastically drop?
New to mining :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!!

Edit: Sol/s dropping to 2700-3000 :slight_smile: my bad.

hi Turtle and welcome!

do you have maybe some screenshots from MSI Afterburner or similar?