Wallet managment once live


I have had a go at moving zec around and to be honest I find it a little confusing and have misplaced test funds. I know the tools are on there way - thanks - so I not even slightly fussed. As a back up strategy, though rather than risk loosing zec during the early days due to error or hack of an unencrypted wallet I was thinking I would do the following. Every couple of days I would create a new wallet and use a third party tool to encrypt the old wallet files. Eventually when the tools come on-line I would then decrypt each of these wallets and pull the funds together into one wallet. Does that sound like a reasonable backup strategy or should I be trying a little harder to learn the ropes now?


Note that currently (in beta 1), encrypted wallets cannot store keys for z-addresses. This is likely to be fixed in beta 2, but in the meantime you should test this with unencrypted wallets. Other than that your suggested strategy should work, but note that the more manual steps you have, the greater the chance of a mistake.