Warning: Zcash.flypool.org maybe is a scam

I am using t address and didn’t receive payout almost for 6 hours, and I saw there is many people just like me, the balance is increasing and just didn’t get payout.

All pools and looks like exchanges aswell are having trouble with broken daemons (wallets getting corrupted) so hold on. + pool is from the makers of ethereum so not worry.

It’s very easy to jump to conclusions, and the less knowledge you have the more cautious you need to be about rendering judgement.

For example, your account is an hour old. It would be easy for me to assume that you operate a competing pool and are trying to drive traffic away from a competitor… should I make a new thread about my suspicions?

To be serious for a moment, take a step back and calm down. The chap who runs flypool also runs one of the best regarded ethereum pools, and has been active in the forums here.

You’re absolutely right to be cautious about using new pools and using new technologies. But don’t rush to make public judgements. You might be hurting the reputation of an honest person, or just making yourself look a bit silly. :wink: