Was there a BIP to integrate Zerocoin into Bitcoin?

Not that it would necessarily have made a difference - there’s a BIP for 2MB blocks but apparently it’s better to force people onto some 3rd party service… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bitcoin wont/cant add Zerocoin because of several reasons. Someone else has to do that…

Please don’t bring Bitcoin political debate into this place. Also, Bitcoin Core developers do not force anybody to 3rd party service, they aim to decentralized, trustless second layer.

There are several technical factors to prevent Zcash from being adopted into Bitcoin: proving key set up process is not trustless, entirely new + untested cryptography… Look at Segregated Witness, it is wonderful patch to fix many things in Bitcoin but getting dismissed by big blockers as over-complicated. I don’t think those people would accept way more complicated patch such as Zcash.


Please follow your own advice.

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