What is the best hardware To mine with?

I’m looking to put together the worlds most powerful mining rig.

What is the best power supply and graphics card ?
Also I want to maximize the power of the power supply to match with the graphics card.
I have access to free power. No energy cost.
Lets build the best miners!
I’d love to help ! Thank you ! :pray:

https://www.zcashcommunity.com/mining/zcash-mining-hardware/ there is some info and links to benchmarks there to help you get started

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I’m always curious what people here mean when they say they have access to “free electricity”. Since that doesn’t actually exist, at least not today, perhaps they actually mean something along the lines of:

  • I’m mining in my parents’ basement
  • I’m mining in a big frat house with a bunch of people
  • I’m mining in a college dorm room
  • I’m mining in my apartment building’s garage
  • I’m mining using an exterior outlet connected to a business next to me

In all these scenarios, someone is paying for the electricity and will likely notice the significant increase in consumption from even a single 6-GPU mining rig.

What’s your “free electricity” hookup? =)