Why did you choose Zcash?


I used to have Monero but now I really think Zcash is much better, they do a lot of good things for cryptocurrency technology in general.


True, South Korea actively supports young and promising people. For instance, my friends left for South Korea a couple of months ago. She is a teacher, he is an IT specialist. Not crypto-related, but I am sure there is support for different kinds of projects


Thanks for your reply. I didn’t know this algorithm is not implemented anywhere else


Yep, that might happen


That’s true. Moreover, there are many crowdfunding platform where it’s possible to raise money if the public gets interested in your project


Do you own one coin only?


I know they give support to the international students as well


I really like the fact Zcash is anonymous and each cash coin can be exchanged for the other.


ZCash is specially designed to help you keep transactions as private and anonymous as possible and ZCash is also ASIC-Resistant. So as for me it’s the best option.


@A_Master Zcash is most defiantly NOT asic resistant.

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Hmm, I heard the opposite


You may heared it maybe 1-1.5 years ago, since than asic resistance has been abondaned and ZEC is mined 99.9% by asics, easy and simple as that …

If you have any doubts on my statement, just try to mine ZEC with a graphic card and let us know how it turned out :wink:

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Thanks for letting me know! I really didn’t use Zcash for about a year.


Have you ever had a hard time when withdrawing money due to KYC or other regulations?


Yeah, that’s how they attract the inflow of minds into the country. I know some people who are ready to stay there for a long term because the conditions are good


Agree with you. These are the main reasons why I chose Zcash


Some people say that Zcash is not that private and anonymous, what do you think about that?


It’s true, for any coin or token which has an official person or company behind…


Where do you prefer to exchange?


What’s ASIC? I thought it was connected to mining somehow