Why don't we see increases in CPU miners?

yes exactly

start forking to “fix” things so soon - change the algo - people will loose confidence in ZCash - it will show they didn’t know what they were doing since day 1

ZCash wants to loose investor confidnece like ETH? Change the algo so soon - fork to “fix” things so soon

the coin will really end up as a S#!t coin

There are other options. Does Zclassic have a forum yet that you can bring these concerns to? @Zorky zdash?

can you answer my question before asking me another?
its called respect when you answer me, I answer you back
its a “conversation”

Somebody must not like a large majority of miners holding onto their ZEC. I mean what other reason would there be to eliminate GPU’s? The only thing they spoke about before was preventing it from being ASIC mined.

This I think would also prevent it from being cellphone APU mined as they have spoken about…

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GPU speed is already making it impossible with the parameters that give low enough peak mem to use on phones. Not sure what your solution would be but I’d be happy to hear one.

Who said they were trying to eliminate GPU mining? Would you consider making GPU mining less profitable by evening the playing field eliminating GPU mining?

There are whole professional discussions by the zcash team on this topic.

Wouldn’t they have to in order to remove the advantage a gpu has over cpu?

honestly, if they dont fix the market value, if ZCash keeps declining - it wont matter if its mined with a GPU, CPU or shovel… it will be burried in altcoin history forever. so any arguemnt on what is best for the algo and mining is really useless at thsi stage of the game

the coin is dying. it can hardly walk, its laying in a hospital bed breathing its last breath

they need to create use and attention - a windows wallet would help with that

but sure- go change the algo and dont create an official easy to use windows wallet… burry it

As long as the value is just high enough to prevent a 51% attack (which no value means no interest to pull the attack off anyway) then there will be no such problems. This is really only an issue with new coins that will be valuable but at first the network is vulnerable.

The coin will function whether or not mining farms are making a profit.

as the price drops, people keep switching off… difficultly just went down 300,000-400,000 in hte last few days/week

continue that decline and a large chinese farm could fire up enough miners to take it over and 51% no?"

litecoin 2.0? LOL ROFL

Meanwhile Monero difficulty has risen from 4 Million to 5.3 Milion in the last few days/week

MOONero!!! to the Moon!

ZCRASH to the grave

maybe people prefer an anonymous coin that funders dont get a 20% reward from?
sounds better to me also… and its really all anonymous… 100% fungible.

Zooko explains in a blog post that the investors initially invested into the coins with a value of ZEC at $15/ea technically speaking.

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they would have been better off just buying Moonero ROFL

Honestly though I think everything about Zcash was intelligently designed, hyped, released, etc. everything. I don’t think that due to a price drop it kills it. It just kills it in an everyday traders mind that they don’t invest too big into it. And by the time they do release some amazing apps and real world uses they will have the vast majority of what’s already mined.

So really us miners work for them with paying 20% just another tax and 2.5% for mining software 1% for pool then exchange has there cut,I wonder why I am not earning lol power companies laughing at me :joy:

But I don’t think Zooko ever meant to leveling the playing field with Cellphone mining while charging at night. It was a way for everyone to support the network very easily.

pretty much, and then those funders go and get their 20% hacked and screw up the market for everyone… good deal huh?

monero sounds safer, zcash is a risk due to the funders…

and what kinda apps is ZCash going to develop? at most they want to work along with ethereum
whats stopping other coins from doing that like Monero?

Just imagine all the awesome we would have if Monero received 1% of the funding that ZCash did…

The problem I have with Monero is unlimited supply. With that it will always be manipulation and most likely never stable.

You should look into where the 20% founders fee goes to. No one gets a big slice of the pie. They even have one of the largest portions set aside for a yet to be determined “market increase fund” (not sure of the exact name) for later on in the coins development

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hardly matters since 20% of nothing is nothing
and thats where the price of ZCash is heading

I think a lot of us miners are looking for alternatives already which says a lot since zcash is couple months old,this 20% does stick in the throats and as @cryptomined says how stupid could an investor be to keep those amounts in wallets when there is plenty alternatives like hardware wallets,they have done real damage to the markets

alternative = monero :smiley:
and with rCT coming in January
with monero-core GUI wallet (without need to run a node) in the works
monero is only going to the moon baby! Up Up Up Up UP!

unlike ZCash which is funded
Monero does have its own GUI wallet… its own. . not third party
that tells you a lot
when fluffy pony can work part time on Monero and do more than a funded full time team?
come on! TO THE MOON!ero