WIP Zcash Block Explorer Grant

Nighthawk Team plans to develop an optimized, open source version of block explorer for Zcash. Let’s discuss the various features the community would like to see and I will update the spec here.

Core features:
Payment Disclosure option for Sapling Shielded transactions.

Add-on features:
Get transactions by Viewing Key & JSON output
Mining Pool Statistics
Shielded Pool Balances
Tx Volume

Hosting features:
v3 onion


I like many of the features of zcha.in , like mining pool statistics, shielded pools balances, hashrate, tx volumes, etc… but it doesn’t always work correctly for some reason.

Would also be good to have a payment disclosure option for Sapling shielded transactions. The one on Blockchair is only for Sprout:


It should be accessible via v3 onion.


I think it only makes sense to have Zcash explorer that supports Sapling payment disclosure (and viewing key if possible).

Also, I would like to see a guide for everyday user on how accessing the block explorer might compromise their privacy (network, cache, etc.).


@aiyadt I think it should be explicitly stated that the work will be Open-sourced.


It would be awesome if there was a URL you could point a viewing key at, and get a list of recent transactions to that viewing key in JSON.

If this could offer a proof that it was the complete list, that would be even better!

(You should definitely do some testing with this too to get a sense of resource use. Having a zcashd watch many different viewing keys is still expensive, in our experience. Back when Zbay used a full node we pushed for some changes that sped it up but it’s still tricky. You might be better off running a ton of lightwallet cli’s in parallel.)


Work on detection keys would be really useful too, though that’s probably out of scope.

This way you could look for transactions to an address without revealing them (just their existence) to the explorer.


This sounds like a great explorer, both in terms of features and diversity among the ecosystem. Having multiple explorers makes it easier to notice if there is a problem with one

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