Withdrawn posting number 14

This is a withdrawn posting.

just obvious one - start a new instance with new wallet, transfer funds to new address(es).

Do you have some stats on the size of your wallet, how many transactions, shielded addresses you're using etc? Any data points will help the team plan how to refactor the wallet.

There is a working group set up to move away from BDB to Sqlite and part of that process will involve discussing what should be in the wallet or not.

Also please feel free to file a Github Issue to make sure the team can track this issue. Thanks.


As bitcartel mentioned, in order to track an issue and have the team fix the problem you are having you need to provide more details on exactly what is happening.

I would be happy to open a Github issue for you if you do not have an account.

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@GPU_Mining: If you can give us hard numbers on wallet size, rate of transactions, what the transactions look like (e.g. give an example txid), typical amounts, etc., that would be very helpful.

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