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This might be a universal issue but I use YWallet so posting here.

Had an unusual transaction: tx sent, receiving wallet noticed it was incoming, blockchain explorer saw it and said it was unconfirmed, and it was taking ages…many hours…so left it and eventually went to bed. In the morning it’s gone - incoming wallet shows nothing, nothing comes up using same txid on blockchain explorer and YWallet says no funds. After a brief panic I rescanned in Ywallet and the funds are there.

This suggests a failed/returned transaction due to low fee, which I only know from experience using other chains, never ZEC. I read through these forums and people are suggesting that there’s been another (!) spam attack and there’s now a market for transaction fees? I have not been following ZEC developments for a while so I was a bit confused.

My questions are:

  1. Is the YWallet behaviour I experienced - with my (assumed) failed transaction - because of YWallet’s use of the “default” 0.00001zec fee?
  2. If so, does that mean returned transactions are expected behaviour for YWallet at the moment?
  3. If so, is there a way to change the transaction fee in YWallet, and if not, does it mean that my ZEC in YWallet is essentially unusable in the meantime?

Using YWallet 1.4.0 desktop

Thank you!

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Yes, there is a way to change it in the settings. To calculate the proper fee, multiply all of your inputs and outputs by 0.00005.
The inputs are your notes and can be seen in the notes tab. You can select them to exclude certain ones from being spent to have more control.
Think of the outputs as the different addresses typically there are only 2; the receiver and change But if you use the multipay option, then you can increase the number of recipients and adjust the fee accordingly.

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For example: here I have 7 notes

If I wanted to send all of the funds to one address, I would calculate 7-in + 2-out × 0.00005 = 0.00045

Ill send all to another address I hold

Submitted at 2216396

Committed at 2216397

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Yes, transactions have an expiry height. If they don’t get mined after ~40 blocks, then expire and are basically canceled as if they never happened.

Ywallet 1.4.1 allows changing the default fee, using 0.0001 should work most of the time, or otherwise see @Autotunafish 's posts above.
The next release of Ywallet (end of September I think) will calculate the correct fee automatically. There is no fee market, but the default fee now depends on the number of inputs/outputs to mitigate spam.


It is the max between inputs and outputs. Technically you would only need to pay for 7 actions.


Yep that was it, newest YWallet does the trick. Thank you!