Z.cash website design

Currently, a new user googling zcash on their phone will end up on this page.


Let’s start brainstorming some minor/major updates to keep a new user interested enough to start scrolling and learn more.


I’m personally a fan of scroll to animate pages (apple product pages are good examples). I could see a scroll to animate page that transitions between zcash core concepts and ideals. Shred some public addresses into a qr code with a shield. Animate some visually simplified explanation for how zk proofs and halo works. Things like that.


As long as you don’t highjack the scroll speed, that’s probably a good direction to go in. Can probably get inspired by looking at what the Earn pages on Coinbase do: https://blog.coinbase.com/earn-zcash-while-learning-about-blockchain-privacy-1fc9ecbf533


With the Coinbase videos we get the added benefit of audio and narration. Scrolling animations typically don’t have audio. I think we want both. I’d suggest we have a big play button in the middle of the screen as soon as the user lands so those they want to jump right into a intro video can.

For the most part the format and information in the first Coinbase video is great and would probably translate well to a scroll animation.

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