Z2z markets

I want to send @paywithz some zcash to receive his nifty stickers, but I don’t want to share my IRL home address with him (no offense, just using you as an example :slight_smile: )

Has anyone used any proxy mail address services? They hide your true mailing address under a vanity addresses…

May be an integral part of z2z markets


I dont know if this works where you live, but this works for me…

Put your name, ‘Post Restante’ and the address of a post office and that’s where the package gets delivered. You collect the package from the post office by showing valid ID.

Ask your post office if they offer that.

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I’ve never done it, but you might be able to ship to General Delivery at your local post office and pick up from the desk. https://faq.usps.com/s/article/What-is-General-Delivery

A small PO Box is about $10 a month, depending where you live, and great for privacy.


There are a lot of “redirect and transportation” services available. I have no idea what country you are located but there are special services for a lot of countries.

For example i’am located in Bulgaria, but a lot of english and german merchants don’t ship/deliver to Bulgaria and/or have realy high delivery costs. For such cases i use such such parcel/mail/postage forward/redirect/transport services which are realy cheap. In my case you get an ID + the adress of the redirect/forward service, means my real adress is hidden (name not as i have to pay somehow!), but in your case and payment with ZEC that’s not an issue.

I remember as well that at some time and many years ago i had a post adress in London/UK for an offshore company at the Seychelles which has cost 20 GBR + forward postage for each letter/parcel. But i doubt you need an instant mail adress somewhere.

Try google with the following keywords: Your country, redirect, forward, postage, parcel, sender country

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