Z9 performance and general discussion


Let us all enjoy our Batch 2 output while it lasts! I am making now what I originally set out to make with my GPU’s last year. The difficulty has doubled since then and the price is 1/4 what it was so it has unfortunately taken more investment to get there. So here’s to a :zcash: price increase at least as much as the difficulty increases over the next few months at least. :beer:


I set mine up on the 700 frequency. I am getting average 14.5-15.5 ksol/s per z9 mini (6 total). I have 54 more z9 minis coming this week and I intend to also overclock them at this setting. I have had zero issues with this setup thus far. I came across a youtube video for software called antminerSPD that achieves 26-33 ksol/s on a z9 mini. Does anyone have experience with this software? Legit? Planned on trial running one z9 mini but seeing some back feedback claiming it is a scam. I operate a farm and the last thing I need is to crash my facility. Considering doing trial run on a trash wallet at a remote site. Opinions?


Also, the S9i is the exact same way, except no “Advanced” Tab at all in the GUI. Cant manipulate the frequency whatsoever. And now the new “J” model and “hydro” models.


I came across a youtube video for software called antminerSPD that achieves 26-33 ksol/s on a z9 mini

I’m not sure but it does not look legit. It’s a .exe file.


can someone post the list of the frequency dropdown on the batch 1 web interface? thank you!


Here’s what I find in my batch 1 unit:

Default setting 100M 125M 150M 175M 200M 225M 250M 275M 300M 325M 350M 375M 400M 404M 406M 408M 412M 416M 418M 420M 425M 429M 431M 433M 437M 441M 443M 445M 450M 454M 456M 458M 462M 466M 468M 470M 475M 479M 481M 483M 487M 491M 493M 495M 500M 504M 506M 508M 512M 516M 518M 520M 525M 529M 531M 533M 537M 543M 550M 556M 562M 568M 575M 581M 587M 593M 600M 606M 612M 618M 625M 631M 637M 643M 650M 656M 662M 668M 675M 681M 687M 693M 700M 706M 712M 718M 725M 731M 737M 743M 750M


great! thank you @Sprucemoose !!
I tried 675 and board one didn’t want to work.


Many people can run batch 2 units on 675 (I do), but it seems that some need to reduce it to 650 to get it running stable. Try that first.


Just figured something out. I’ve been running on 675 stable for a couple of days. Now, if I tried to increase the OC only one step further (to 676), the hash boards throttled down to 1.4-1.5 ksols/s. This seemed to me very weird. But after looking at the list @Uche32 just requested, I wanted to just try a final OC according to the increments in the list.

And voila! OC at 681 works full speed. My quick hypothesis is that the unit will only run full speed at frequencies that match the list, and not necessarily in-between frequencies. Is this well known?

PS: 687 and 693 also seem to work on my unit (700 shuts down one of the boards). I don’t know if these higher OCs will result in a significant increase in hashrate, or they are unstable yet.

EDIT: 693 unstable. One card returned to 0 sols/s after 5 minutes.
EDIT 03.09.18: 687 also unstable after a day’s worth of mining. Two boards shut down. Reducing to 681
EDIT 05.09.18: Unstable again at 681. Returning to 675. So much for that.


Did one of the hash boards shut down (showing 0 sols/s)? Try to reduce it to 650 first, then increase and test at 656, 662 and 668.


While i understand that Bitmain did this “OC remove” step to make the Z9 more value, it’s kinda annoying that it’s not announced. Nobody can force them of course, but seriously. I bet some of us, including me, wouldn’t have purchase some more units if we knew about it.

But ok, for USD 850 we have to accept it more or less and make the best out of it. But i think, i won’t buy anymore Asics from Bitmain anymore. The B3 debakel asic, the real bad made full of failure E3 and now this Z9 mini batch 2 issue. For me it’s enough, lol.


Yes at 675mhz board01 was showing 0 sols/s.
650mhz is working fine since Wednesday. By 26% fan, the chips arrives at max 80°C.

i’am not at home right now, but I will try the freqs in between as soon i can.
thank you again for the list.


Are you using the chrome work around to enter those in?


@boxalex So is the speculation that the Z9 (non mini) cannot be overclocked? Because you are correct if they cannot be overclocked then i would have bought mini’s i was hoping when i got mine i could at least of overclocked them to 50k Sol/s…


Yes, I follow exactly this.


so, the other two z9mini arrived aaaand…both with the newest firmware. jfyi


What’s the best way now to overclock the Z9 mini again finally? Did anybody manage to get them stable on frequency 700+ and if yes, how exactly?


My Miners arrived in Shenzhen today, crazy to arrive so late there, had a confirmation about the new firmware in each one. I’m flying there and will arrive tomorrow. I will make some test, but I won’t dare to upload a different Firmare.


Ok, tested the use from batch 1 “generate backup” to batch 2 “restore backup” way, works perfectly.

Only thing you have to take care is that temporary, in case you use static IP adresses both miners are on the same IP. Means the original one must be moved to another IP so both are different IP adresses after the archive restore. No idea how it would work on DHCP network configuration.

Other than that, works like clockwork with 650 frequency and i didn’t tried any other configuration as that’s ok now giving ~14.5 MH/s.

I personally prever this method as it should stay even after disconnects, restarts, whatever. Didn’t try the chrome method by the way.

Hope it helps some of you Z9 mini owners/users.


FYI, I’m using the Chrome method. Once you know how it’s done, it’ll take you less than 30 seconds to change OC frequency. The last frequency you set persists even with a soft reboot through the web GUI. I don’t know if it persists with a power cycle, though.