ZBoard improvements (e.g. message signing?)

Hi all,

I would like to ask you if and how you would realize an optional signing procedure for messages on the ZBoard (www.z-board.net), since they are fully anonymous, it might be a good idea to include some small signature to prevent identity theft.

What about this approach:

In a topic #pubkeys, users could post public keys (only if they like) and sign messages with their private key, so they can optionally append a signature to their messages for other users to check. But this is maybe a bit to inconvenient.
Do you have a different idea? Or is this not necessary at all?

Thank you!

PS: Improvement ideas can also be discussed here: #ZBoardTODOS (http://www.z-board.net/?id=2692bd1fbc39aafbaf14c15900f33e0a772f784f5bed83fdbc1a8ea696929876)