Zcash: A most private revolution by Blocktown Capital

We just published a report on why we are invested in Zcash. We hope this will trigger further discussion on the value of Zcash!


good read. optimistic. but dont expect any constructive discussion in social media. until number goes up for zcash it will be impossible to suppress compound and induced negative appreciacion. people who cared about fundamentals, decentralisation, privacy and wanted to buy them - they were left in 2017. or remained with bitcoin as a safest option. sad, but almost no one cares about fundamentals and primary purposes of cryptocurrencies anymore. currently its all about greed and dominating narratives. and both are not in favor of zcash. may be if some force will manage to hold zcash price at least flat till inflation cut and ux/major improvements… then maybe. until then - god save zcash.)

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… stringent identity requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges are eroding bitcoin’s privacy. If this trajectory continues, privacy at the protocol layer with Zcash may become the most viable option for a truly private and seizure-resistant ‘Swiss bank account’ in the 21st century.

Ok, but don’t the exchanges identity requirements apply as well for ZEC? Means it doesn’t matter at the exchange if it’s BTC, ZEC or any other coin as everybody there went throught the identity requirements anyway. Exchanges don’t support Z-adresses anyway, so until it’s a private to private transaction i doubt there is much difference at all at the current state. Unfortunatly of course.

kyc/regulated exch/other onramp>t>z-realm where you do what you want to do. optional z>t when for some reason you want/have to show your funds.
that’s what i like in zcash and why i spend quite a bit of time here.)


I like your ideals and goals, but as you yourselves point out, btc is flawed due to chain analysis. (something we all knew back in 2010/2011 - just we were not there with the ability to link addresses yet.- but it did happen because so many people reused addresses and put their address in their bitcointalk sig, sigh.)

t-addresses have the same issue. It is very hard to get cash converted into z addresses without KYC. This is partly because of pools paying out to t addresses, partly because of mining centralisation and partly due to regulations.

The only way to stay truly anonymous with zec is to mine to a z address and never leave the shielded pool. ASIC’s make this more or less impossible, due to the nature of them (single purpose cryptographic devices, and the only mechanism for obtaining zec through mining.) - commodity hardware does not suffer from this issue.

Do you see any alternative mechanisms to coin distribution via block reward as a viable alternative to obtaining zec without KYC/AML? - I hate to use the monero example but I can go get some RX Vegas and get some monero with no KYC at all via mining.

I didn’t see this point mentioned in your article and wondered what you thought about it.