Zcash addnode Tor hidden service .onion


All zcash (named) addnode=.onion project nodes have been upgraded to the latest Zcash release;

Zcash v1.0.14
Tor v0.3.1.9


All zcash (named) addnode=.onion project nodes have been upgraded to the latest Tor release;

Zcash v1.0.14
Tor v0.3.2.9

See : https://blog.torproject.org/tor-0329-released-we-have-new-stable-series

As the new Tor stable series included major bugfixes for v2 onion service security, set-up and/or announcement of the new Tier 1 project nodes is now re-scheduled for before the end of Jan. 2018.


Are there plans to upgrade them to v3 onion services?


Yes v3 onion services are ready to go for our project. However, the Zcash network protocol requires an update and some testing for confirmed correct operation.

Our existing v2 onion services (legacy) nodes will also be maintained and remain operational, as appropriate.


N.B. New faster v2 onion services (launched in Jan. 2018) are now listed in the OP.


All zcash (named) addnode=.onion project nodes have been upgraded to the latest Zcash and Tor releases;

Zcash v1.0.15

“New stable Tor releases, with security fixes and DoS prevention: …” :sunglasses:

“The New Guide to Running a Tor Relay” … has useful info for our own projects set-up guide / manual. (not yet available!)



" Events (TOR/NYX NOTICE - ERR):

[NOTICE] DoS mitigation since startup: 169689 circuits rejected, 13 marked addresses. 15907 connections closed. 1074 single hop clients refused. "

:guardsman: :heart_eyes: :zcash:


Hello @xyZcash. Thank you for producing this guide. I have attempted to document my experience following this guide, as well as the others you have referenced, in this github gist in hopes of turning it into a comprehensive step-by-step guide for “Installing and Running Zcash over Tor”.

A couple of questions for you if you don’t mind my asking:

  1. Would you be willing to give it a quick review / sanity check to make sure I’m not suggesting that people do anything that’s obviously wrong? There are a few questions throughout the guide as well that I need help answering.

  2. After following the steps in my guide (and by proxy, your guide, since mine leans heavily on yours) nyx is throwing me this error:

13:50:02 [WARN] Your application (using socks5 to port 8233) gave
Tor a malformed hostname: [scrubbed]. Rejecting the connection.
[489 duplicates hidden]

Do you know why nyx might be giving me this error? (perhaps one of the steps in my guide above is incorrect?)

Regards, dp


@xyZcash I have moved my WIP Zcash over Tor guide over to a GitHub repo for ease of collaboration.

Please see the above questions if you have the time/ knowledge to spare. I have also added the questions as issues to discuss on GitHub, if that’s easier for you. PRs on the repo welcome and appreciated too.

Regards, dp


All zcash (named) addnode=.onion project nodes have been upgraded to the latest Zcash and Tor releases;

Zcash v1.1.1 “Overwinter” ready!
Tor v0.3.3.7

Hello @durbanpoison !

This looks good thus far (not had time to review everything fully yet and will send you a PM when I have done).

Apologies to (@ everyone!) I have been away from the Zcash forums (and the internet to some extent) for a couple of months due to some unforeseen circumstances. Sorry!

Technical set-up has therefore taken much longer than I envisaged. However, all Zcash on Tor nodes have been continually upgraded to the latest versions of Zcash and Tor along the way. The Zcash on Tor network is Overwinter ready .

I’m proud to say that Zcash on Tor now operates 4 of the fastest Exit nodes on the Tor network (we are continually in the top 50+ of Exit nodes)!

With regards to my Zcash on Tor - Zcash Foundation Grant - the declining price of Bitcoin over the last few months (and downward pressure on Zcash) has been somewhat of a hindrance to my expected full work flow.

I therefore made the decision to continue to operate Zcash on Tor on a fully voluntary basis for the first 6 months. I’m now reviewing my future position in this regards. Obviously the majority of my Zcash Foundation grant remains in tact, which is a good thing!

Anyhow, I naturally have a lot to catch up on and a lot to get on with - a basic website for Zcash on Tor will be online by the end of this month and I have almost finalized the set-up guides / documentation.

:heart_eyes: :zcash:

Update on Grants and Grant Winners

Not sure if this is till an active thread, but I’ve set up a new zcash onion node at:


It is available to anyone. It is an onlynet=onion set up.