Zcash ceases trading on Coincheck in Japan

This is like free marketing: “It’s SO private, that Zcash is BANNED in Japan.”

“…the digital asset exchange Japan-based platform Coincheck announced removal of Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Dash (DASH) and Augur’s Reputation (REP) coin from its platform.”


Every time this happens it gets harder for users in Japan to access, though, which is a bummer.

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Here is a teaching example. Users should not and must not be forced though crypto exchanges in order to acquire ZEC. There must be a way for users around the world to acquire ZEC without the need for fiat exchange. This is a multi billion dollar problem.

It will become increasingly more dire for privacy coins since the concept of private money transactions are entirely antithetical to the goals of governments. More crypto exchanges will follow what has happened in Japan and elsewhere and act to delist privacy coins because of government pressure. Exchanges are printing money and they do not want to slaughter their cash cow.

Since the goal of Zcash has been “worldwide money for all” (paraphrasing), you people cannot rely on exchanges to change users’ local fiat into ZEC - it will work to your long term disadvantage and the present paradigm of crypto accumulation entirely undermines this goal.

Suzie Soccer Mom doesn’t care about mining, lacks the skills to do so, and forcing her through the hoops of KYA/AML requirements on any exchange just to buy a new pair of aerobic shoes is a naive and childish expectation. Moreover, a prospective ZCash user in Venezuela simply does not have the means to mine and likely will not be able to even access an exchange to open an account. This are critical cases, but is, WITHOUT QUESTION the standard “use case” for broad and general adoption.

A means of getting ZEC without fiat is what is needed. I have an example, and while silly, should hopefully illustrate my point. Let’s take Suzie Soccer, for example. Why not let her do volunteer hours in return for some ZEC? Or, possibly, design some pedometer which gives some ZEC for thousands of steps per day? (yes, I know people will game and manipulate). What about giving people ZEC for recycling? Recycling e-waste?

How about Hugo in Venezuela? Let’s say he has a small dairy farm. Perhaps he can “donate” or sell some of his milk in exchange for ZEC? He should have the chance the receive some ZEC based on commerce or some social good…

But in any event, and the examples notwithstanding, humans need to have a way to accumulate and receive this “MONEY” without the need to already have money or fiat to do it. The solution to this issue rests squarely on the backs of the ZCash People (Co and or Foundation). Once people can receive ZEC without some external (and hostile) requirement, only then can ZEC be realistically available to the world for use as money.

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I agree! Improving the UX of noncommercial options is one of the Zcash Foundation’s goals. Some of the grant proposals that are currently being evaluated address this problem: Issues · ZcashFoundation/GrantProposals-2018Q2 · GitHub

I imagine it’ll get discussed at Zcon0 as well.

There is a huge need here, but the number of people who are both willing and able to address it remains small. Another issue we’re working on :slight_smile: