Zcash Foundation Update • September 4 – 9, 2019

Cross-posted from ZF’s newsletter.

This week’s update is short. The Foundation has been heads down working on…

  • the ZIP process and Zcash governance, including negotiations with the Electric Coin Company;
  • Zebra development;
  • improving the ZF Grants user experience;
  • our next yearly audit;
  • and planning for Zcon2!

While you’re here, don’t forget the Zcash Protocol Hangout on September 17! If you’re interested in the future of Zcash development funding, please sign up to participate.

And check out ZF’s conversation with Maria Carola, CMO of Zcash early adopter Guarda Wallet:

Zcash Ecosystem Highlights

Join the unofficial Zcash Telegram group!

z_sendmany is a tool for Zcash newsletters (sent via shielded memo), or even running payroll:

This applet will generate a z_sendmany command that you can pass to zcash-cli. This enables easy repeated sends of an identical memo to a list of people.


Bolt Labs CEO Ayo Akinyele was interviewed on two podcasts, Epicenter and BlockChannel.

BlockChannel described Bolt Labs well:

His firm is pioneering greater privacy for layer 2 technology (think Lightning) but with a support for multiple different public chains. He imagines an interoperable future of interconnectivity, with a privacy first mindset.

Learn more about Blind Off-chain Lightweight Transactions on Bolt Labs’ website.

Goodbit published a quick, simple, and clear video explaining Zcash:

That’s all for now! Have a lovely week.