Zcash Functional UX for Private Storage and Payments

Hey Josh, thanks for the thoughts here! I appreciate you looking forward a bit.

I have some questions/comments about stablecoins and the avalanche, solana and ethereum chains… everyone should chime in as well.


  • What type of viewing permissions would asset issuers be able to have when issuing stablecoins on Zcash? E.g. Circle likely would need certain viewing permissions!

  • How is USDC on ethereum, solana and avalanche relevant to Zcash?

  • Have you considered something like RAI?

  • Is t-addr deprecation a part of this thesis?

  • zkID - could this lead to a slippery slope where users have to submit zkID or their transactions aren’t sequenced? Seems a bit like proof-of-innocence (PoI). PoI isn’t necessarily bad (although not ideal), but curious if you’ve thought about potential consequences here!

Other cross-chain stuff

  • How is the ZEC token valuable or useful to other networks? It’s not securing any cross-chain protocols, and the market has shown us that ZEC is not a desired monetary asset. What are the plans to use ZEC in some form or fashion, in a cross-chain way, other than just being a wrapped synthetic? Maybe an answer here ties together the “zStable” in the avalanche and solana diagrams.

  • Would the bridge be to Ethereum, or to its Layer 2s where the majority of activity is moving?

  • Someone texted me this idea when discussing my own rollup idea. This could fit in nicely with your line of thinking!

Lmk! The cosmos, sovereign L1 thesis could fit in nicely here.

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