Zcash gets a mention!


Cool but not sure if all thats entirely accurate (?)
Edit- there’s no more than speculation as to what the mining dev fee is for beyond a platform for gaining wealth (pretty sure it’s so zooko can pay his employees who maintain the system), and if thats what he means by “centralized” then i think he should grab a thesaurus


older news, but haven’t seen it posted here yet.



“Zcash Founder Zooko Wilcox Optimistic about Improving Privacy on Ethereum with zk-SNARKs” https://journal.binarydistrict.com/zcash-founder-zooko-wilcox-optimistic-about-improving-privacy-on-ethereum-with-zk-snarks/


What good is it for zcash to improve the privacy of eth?

  1. One hands helps another.
  2. Great for ZCash reputation.
  3. Working together and not against is seen much better.


There isn’t a mention here, Least of a name that looks familiar, but…



Again there isn’t a mention here, but I thought the article of its dead… again was poetic for Zcash as well




https://factordaily.com/zcash-founder-zooko-wilcox-interview/ Excellent!



Think I’m going to do my next Payment with a z-address :slight_smile:


“We’ve had 500+ downloads of our $ZEC Investment Thesis in the last two weeks --”


This is really good!
Edit- it features Zcash towards the end



They just kind of touch on it but I think the fact that it’s even in there at all is highly significant
(Freaky stuff in that article)




I’m betting on Zcash so good to see all these mentions !



Ehh, when you put personal assumptions as bulletpoints, kinda puts a foot in your mouth
Edit-his mouth
Its should say Monero, Dash, etc. because theyre the 2 main subject materials

Lots of legal news today huh!?!


I hear on the radio (in the netherlands) that EU is working on the first steps of regulation. Maybe that is the reason for all the “legal” news.