Zcash gets a mention!


Us law too, Satoshi’s being sued in Florida for $ 5 Billion
Edit- other stuff too, that ones just hilarious


Several different articles about this, but it’s about the alleged theft of 1.1 million bitcoins by Craig Wright who says he is Satoshi.




:thinking: don’t know what to think about. sound somehow “dangerous” for my zcash’s


Which part? The Articles just stating how Zooko believes zcash is less of a privacy coin because the Privacy features should be a given and how most of the rest just aren’t suitable because they lack this very fundamental feature.
Its easier to says this ones private than to say the other 2000 or so aren’t
For now


Overwinter Is Coming: Zcash Moves Closer to First-Ever Hard Fork


Snowden endorsed Zcash again at Blockstack 2018: https://www.btc-echo.de/mit-der-blockchain-fuer-eine-freie-welt-eindruecke-vom-blockstack-event/


Translated exerpt (a new word too!)

Although Edward Snowden finds the concept behind ZCash very convincing, he still opposes a maximalism regarding the cryptocurrencies. Maximalism was portrayed by another speaker very aptly as the nationalism in the crypto-ecosystem. It is the focus of individual groups on a crypto currency - be it the focus on Bitcoin alone, be it the dream of flipping or something similar. This kind of maximalism contradicts the approach of decentralization.
(I don’t even know what to say to this, that speaker must have been German)




Here is a different link (mining calculator) to see if Zcash is right for you


Mentions Zcash as a possible future addition


Unfortunately not good news…


Perhaps zcash can be saved with the only use of t-addresses by the exchanges.

Lets see whats going to happen.

What is your opinion in merit?


“People who are privacy conscious will switch to privacy-oriented coins.”


This is a good one https://medium.com/@dhsue/an-analysis-of-zcash-governance-692793f9c9ef


“Kraken’ the Key to the Next Coinbase Listing“


Zec contracts will be removed after expiration



https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/89q7qm/recent_zcash_paintings_i_have_been_working_on/ pretty cool, figured i’d post here.
(not mine, just randomly saw it)


Beautiful * _*