Zcash gets a mention!



I think it is more likely to be Zcash as I remember reading that it needs to be open source to get on Coinbase and Ripple isn’t.


i missed this! apparently, you can donate ZEC to brian’s “GiveCrypto” project. interesting https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-brad-garlinghouse-zcash-ceo-helping-givecrypto-project/






ZCash Price Prediction- How Much Will cost ZEC in 2018\20\25?
Hey guys, your feedback is really welcome!



News from July 7th and not strictly related to zcash, but gemini offers zcash… so that some great news :slight_smile:


Target block times for Bitcoin and Zcash are 10 minutes and 2.5 minutes respectively, not 10 seconds and 2.5 seconds. (Also, these are not block processing times, just the expected times between blocks.)

I make no comment on the price predictions.


Thanks for your reply! I got it


“…which is the kind of mindbending cryptography that zcash for istance uses…”

EDIT: and the last 30 seconds vitalik gives high pride to the zcash co!



I wondered why those big buys occurred. I knew some news had just come out.


Zcash: King of Crypto Privacy


Thanks for sharing…So excited for the moves that are and will be made with ZCash!


Edit- far as Im concerned, 11th is 1st, twice!




This is BOLT! Exciting :slight_smile: Can’t wait to dig into the code.

(“Live” is a bit of an overstatement; oh well :slight_smile: )



“The next step is to retrofit these properties to bitcoin and litecoin on the lightning network, probably as a shielded transaction option, similar to what zcash offers now.”

What will be the value in Zcash if Bitcoin and Litecoin get the same features in the future?


Don’t they know Zcash still has transparent addresses?