Zcash gets a mention!


zcash isn’t specifically mentioned, but, could have implications for ZEC down the road


Why would the privacy of a second layer solution like BOLT on top of Bitcoin be better than a base layer solution like Zcash with BOLT? The final settlement still has to happen on-chain which could still compromise privacy.

BOLT is being developed for Zcash and will require a soft fork to implement, I would be surprised if Bitcoin could gain enough consensus to implement a fork.


Exactly. Andreas Antonopoulos explains this well here.


Bolt is super cool and a potential high TPS scaling solution as long as on-chain settlement costs remain inexpensive for those users that require it. If on-chain transactions become too expensive I think the 2nd-layer IOU idea loses steam. Hope this can be addressed as it’s one of the main critiques of BTC’s Lightning Network.


“An index fund built for the world’s leading institutions”
zcash included


Just got an email about Bittrex opening USD/ZEC trading pair on 5th of september. Link to Twitter announcement



Yep the market makes sense I tell you. We will all be considered geniuses someday or the whole of cryptocurrency will be a massive failure. Place your bets on the Augur chain! Have you all seen idiocracy by chance?


YES!!! I totally believe someone used the its a small world time machine to come back and warn us through that movie!


This illustrates perfectly how the crypto market is still full of speculators buying meme coins without regard to fundamentals.

I personally believe Zcash’s fundamentals are the best in the entire cryptosphere, and eventually the market will revert to trading on fundamentals and real-world adoption. That’s when ZEC will shine, and market capitalization will reflect reality rather than dumb speculation.

In the short run, a market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.
-Benjamin Graham


You can’t say Augur doesn’t have some good REP!


“ Zcash (ZEC) Sapling Network Upgrade’ & Bitpanda listing to set the pace for its Q4 ‘bullish’ momentum!”


interesting parts:

While cash is still king among terrorist organizations, the law enforcement agency revealed ISIS has purchased internet domains using Zcash, but hasn’t financed any attacks on European soil using cryptos.

This type of attacks is expected to become a “regular, low-risk revenue stream for criminals.” Privacy coins like Monero (XMR) – usually mined in cryptojacking cases – and **Zcash (ZEC**) are also expected to grow in popularity as an “increase in extortion demands and ransomware in these currencies” is expected.


Lol, not the mention we would like but ok.


$10.000 sounds like a lowball number since ZEC will (imo) hit at least $5,000 around halving. still love bullish ZEC predictions!



I realise English isn’t their primary language, but found the following gem on their site :-

“We created the Round calculation of Equihash “200.9” by transcribing from scratch. Therefore, various know-how of speeding up are stuffed up.”

…think they meant something else :sweat_smile:


and 2% dev fee for equihash is just plain pathetic at this point.

They should concentrate on other stuff…


“its 2% faster and we added a 2% fee!”


zcash makes the cut. 13th place. we really need to work on this.