Zcash gets a mention!


Who writes these things? :thinking:


…a non-english speaker, or a bot, or a non-english-speaking-bot…:roll_eyes:



It keeps posting all the time ahah at least, this bot keeps the activity going on :slight_smile:


zcash not mentioned, but should’ve been


I was gonna post that too saying he obviously didnt research! Good call


Actually i think he did and reading the the Zcash GDRP Report there are indeed still some concerns, especially with T-adresses on exchanges. Interesting read by the way:


Out of topic, but related to the last posts about GDPR, another interesting report about GDPR, just for these that are interested in the requirements of GDPR. It’s well explained here with possible solutions, very interesting read again:


Lol (remember the NSA has sequestered help from the public to try to do this!)
The Zcash trash talk is gonna ramp up soon (like the Starbucks Bitcoin thing, are you okay with everyone knowing what you spend on coffee and when and probably where and having to claim Capital taxes for every single purchase? people who are excited for it probably going to be pretty upset here in a few)
IT STINKS! :wink: wink (Ive got something in my eye) wink wink wink wink


impersonation’s a violation of twitter’s ToS. craig should be b& from twitter for impersonating satoshi.


“Woerth’s rhetoric regarding anonymous cryptocurrencies did not extend to the greater blockchain and crypto asset ecosystem. In this way, Woerth is making the point that only the parts of this new technology that are explicitly problematic for law enforcement agencies should be targeted with bans.”

Isn’t this where the banks are collapsing? That makes sense



Older post …but still cool imo




randomly found this on the chans yesterday.

probably not true, but fun to think about. thing i’m excited about is ZEC’s starting to get mentioned on the chans!


Why not ripple? I mean when it comes to merger


Excellent article from FastCompany


(saved you a click)


Just wanted to post the full Weiss reports as they are like always, very interesting:

ZEC Rank by Rating: #27

ZEC Rank by Adoption: #17

ZEC Rank by Technology: #32

ZEC Rank by Investment Reward: #46

ZEC Rank by Investment Risk: #20

From the categories to choose from on weisscrypto:
ZEC Rank by Availability: #24