Zcash gets a mention!


I wonder how they gauge the different metrics…

I would have imagined that zcash would be higher rated by technology… And in that, I would have countedprioritizes the work, etc…

And in that top, I see Komodo (I’ve nothing against it) that is way further up and that actually bases quite a part of its technology on zcash …

Isn’t this top more about counting advertised features?


They state it on their site and i would go as far as saying they might be one of the best, if not the best, financial rating agency for crypto.

Here their approach on the technology rating:

The Technology Model. The Weiss Crypto Ratings proprietary model which evaluates each cryptocurrency’s potential to achieve a variety of goals, including high transaction speeds and other scaling solutions, decentralization, energy efficiency, sophistication of monetary policy, governance capabilities, flexibility to upgrade, and others.

As you take Komodo for comparison, it might have some Zcash parts of the code, but it’s as well very different on many of their approaches achieve their goals. Beginning with hybrid delayed of proof mining up to notary nodes. Actually a pretty interesting approach on some matters.


It is a good resume, but it doesn’t explain the analysis: how they weight and assess every parameter they are considering. I’m just wondering if they are really neutral… I’m just skeptical about these type of websites… What are their goals, who are their users and what are their users doing with their information.


It’s at odds with what they publicly say, which wouldn’t be a surprise if it is true.


I absolutly agree with you on this one and i’am very sceptical as well on a lot of rating sites.

But Weiss is a name, they do this since 1971, independent and fair.

Strictest Independence.

Unlike ratings agencies based on the issuer-pay model, such as Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s and Fitch, Weiss Ratings has never received — and will never accept — compensation of any kind from issuers or sponsors. Its sole revenue source is from the sale of its ratings and research to consumers, investors, and other end users. In addition, unlike nearly all other ratings or research organizations, Weiss Ratings accepts no advertising from issuers. Esquire wrote “Weiss is the only [rating agency] with no conflicts of interest.”

Complete Objectivity.

All ratings are based on objective computer models driven by complex algorithms with large volumes of data, excluding each analyst’s personal opinion from the process. As a result, the rated entities are always treated with complete objectivity and fairness. Weiss Ratings has been noted for its objectivity and accuracy by Members of Congress, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) and major news organizations.

High Ethics.

All Weiss Ratings employees must abide by the Weiss Personal Securities Transactions (PST) policy, designed to avoid even the appearance of unfair advantage in their own investing or trading. Since operations began in 1971, there has been no known instance of unfair advantage or violation of the Weiss PST policy. Nor has there been any allegation of such by a government agency.

A Commitment to Safety.

The ratings models deployed by Weiss pay close attention to safety and risk avoidance. Unlike issuer-pay rating agencies and most Wall Street research firms, which have often given their top ratings to high-risk companies that then crashed or failed, Weiss Ratings has a long track record of downgrading unsafe companies well ahead of time. The New York Times wrote that Weiss was “the first to warn of the dangers and say so unambiguously,” and Barron’s reported that Weiss is the “leader in identifying vulnerable companies.” With respect to the profit performance of Weiss Stock Ratings during a market decline, The Wall Street Journal reported that Weiss ranked #1, ahead of all major rating agencies and research companies covered, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Standard & Poor’s.



I think what I mean is: do your own analysis, be skeptical, filter the noise yourself (you = general) … it’s risky to trust others to do that job for you and make an investment based on other people’s analysis…
if it was so easy everybody would be well off …


I agree with you. But history, even own mistakes in the past, have teached me that often greed, wish thinking, naivity and some other human factors are stronger than indeed a good report for example.
Just talking generally here.
Often we (people) avoid common sense, logic, red flags, whatever due blind thrust the other way, be it a product, project, investment …
As said, just generally and not ZEC related at all.




Traslate me! ; )

Hers a google translation, I think Russian is supposed to be Roshian

“Zcash is a currency with both user protection and compliance,” interview with Russian OL
Author Russian OL-April 5, 2019
In late March, Zcash (Je-cash) visited Japan for the first time, and held a meet-up for the community at blockchain-specific coworking space Neutrino (neutrino).

The meetup was attended by a number of virtual currency industry participants. In addition to explaining the basics of Zcash at the pitch by CEO Zooko Wilcox, regulators also shared the rationale for the assertion that Zcash should be added to the whitelist. Also, in the Q & A after the pitch, more than 50 questions were gathered through the question submission service slido, and Mr. Zooko answered 18 of those questions. It was a meaningful meetup with very active discussions.

Mr. Zooko explaining Zcash

State of the meetup

Prior to this meetup, I had the opportunity to interview the Zcash team directly, so I would like to introduce it.
Zcash is a privacy currency that can be shared with third parties

Russian OL-chan (hereinafter, Russian): Hello. It is Russian OL. Thank you. This Zcash team is the first visit to Japan, but is it your first time to come to Japan, even privately? "

Josh Swihart (Zcash Marketing & Business Development: Josh): Yes, personally for the first time in Japan. I ate with grilled chicken and Japanese beef last night and I liked it wonderfully delicious. I had been eating grilled chicken at a convenience store near here, so I ate it again.

Russian: Japanese food is delicious, isn’t it? Well, that’s right, but I’ll make it into the main topic. Zcash is well known in Japan as the image of privacy currency in Japan, is this recognition correct? Please tell me along with an introduction to the features of Zcash.

Josh: Zcash is a digital currency and is a virtual currency like bitcoin. In fact, Zcash was originally based on Bitcoin and was conceived by scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), John Hopkins University and other prestigious academic and scientific institutions.

To briefly describe the features, Zcash allows you to share and manage information. Zcash has two types of addresses, and transparent addresses work like bitcoin addresses. On the other hand, if you use a shield address, the balance associated with that address will not be displayed in the blockchain. With payment disclosure and special “display keys”, you can also share transaction details with a trusted third party for compliance or auditing.

State of interview
(From right: Mr. Zooko Wilcox, Mr. Josh Swihart

I want to know the vision and regulation of Japan’s virtual currency

Russian: I see. Users can choose to use the privacy feature, and even if they use the privacy feature, they can also share their details. There are many use cases for blockchains, so it’s good that users can choose according to their purpose.

Now let’s move on to the next question. What is the purpose of this visit to Japan? Have there been any harvests yet?

Josh: The purpose of the visit to Japan is fourfold. Learn more about the vision and regulation of virtual currency in Japan, hold a meet-up to get in touch with those who are working and interested in this area, and to inform those who are interested in Zcash without hesitation It is. We will invest more time in Japan.

Actually coming to Japan, there were many harvests. Being able to meet the community and key people directly was especially valuable. As a result of this inspection, I will actually return to Japan again this week. This is a short stay, though.

Russian: Having met key person may not have been a meaningful discussion for Japanese officials as well.

At the meetup, the participants asked if they met with the FSA. It was that I could not answer clearly because I am involved in sensitive topics, but perhaps not only Japanese regulators, but movements of anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorism financing (CFT) are more important worldwide. I think it’s getting better. How are you going to face these?

Josh: We see the AML and CFT efforts as extremely important. Regulators have important and difficult responsibilities to protect their citizens from illegal and immoral conduct and at the same time protect their citizens from the abuse of public data. Zcash was created for the purpose of protecting the citizens and businesses, and the purpose is to keep this balance. As a result of the surveys conducted so far, it has become clear that Zcash has not been confirmed to have been used for money laundering or terrorists. "

Zcash Offers Economic Freedom And Opportunity

Russian: Certainly, the abuse of public data has become a global issue, such as the implementation of the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulations) in Europe. Is Zcash’s privacy technology, which protects users from data abuse, applicable to areas other than virtual currency?

Josh: Of course! Zcash uses technology based on zero knowledge proof. Although this technique is important for information validation, it can also be applied to applications where not all participants need to share all details with each other. These include a wide range of applications such as personal information management, employment certification, distributed application execution, and credit information. It is an early stage before it is widely used now.

Russian: What role will Zcash play in the future?

ZUKO: The mission of the Electric Coin Company (Zcash’s development and support enterprise) is to provide economic freedom and opportunities for everyone. It is a big mission, but we have been dedicated through our lives to achieve it.

Russian: Finally, please give a message to your coin choice reader. " [video of Josh]

(interesting fact, Weird Al was in Japan this past week too)




Am I missing something, or is that article’s picture sorta weird?


For those who wondered why we dont hype this and why we dont shill that
Because it would be crap, a facade to cover up short comings (fear) and couldn’t be reasonably expected to contain positive comparisons

Lol the whitepaper is just as obtuse! :laughing:
“The SERO’s R&D team (SERO Team) is the
only team in the world that presents a complete solution to solve the Privacy problem and has
completed major R&D work.”

(And it’s messed up because we’re supposed to be like no coin is an island unto itself! Ughh well it ain’t my money I guess)


:joy: , only 1 Billion supply, get yours today!


Translate me!


Rough translation

"Privacy must be protected from all subjects, not just the government. Even the government wants privacy. "

On the 5th, the final stage of the Second Decentralized Economic Forum (Deconomy) was Dr. Phil Zimmerman, a liberal historian, Vitaly Vyterin, founder of Etherium, and CEO of Zako Wilcox, I decorated it. In the 1990s, Zimmerman, who developed PGP, an e-mail security software, and a counterintuitive butiner that is a decentralization platform, and Jimmy Cathy’s superintendent Wilcox emphasize “privacy.” They are concerned about the privacy problems that are frequently infringed in modern society and have tried to protect their privacy.

“I feel deeply concerned about the intelligence activities conducted by the government agencies against their own people,” Dr. Zimmerman said. “In front of the fact that the people are stigmatized as spies, we feel the necessity of protecting privacy again.” Wilcox said, “Privacy must be protected not only from the government but also from all entities.” It is important to create an environment that can protect privacy from the neighbors who are involved in intimidation and intimidation. "

Dr. Phil Zimmermann, the founder of Liberty, and Vitaly Vyterin, the founder of Etherium, and Chuck K. Wilcox, CEO of “Dark Coin Mine,” Kathy, are discussing ‘privacy’ at the 2nd Distributed Economic Forum on May 5 .

Privacy debate has extended beyond the private dimension to government agencies. The government can also want privacy. “If you want to use government-issued currencies on a global scale,” said Wilcox, "Now the central banks are moving to issue government-controlled digital currencies (CBDC) based on cryptographic techniques, It is better. "

Dr. Zimmermann gave negative comments about the cipher money itself. It is pointed out that encryption technology is used exclusively for cryptography. “There are very few software makers out there who write passwords,” he said. “Those who make real money money will focus more on encryption itself.”

Buterindo agreed, “There is a focus on the cryptography.” In response, he asked, “How about if I use the word” Diomonie “(distributed economy) instead of the block-chain industry (which has a limited scope)?”

They clamored for the development of encryption technology. “While surveillance technology has been widespread, encryption technology has not grown enough to protect our privacy,” Zimmerman said. "Encryption can not be adequately protected, so if you want to be attractive to people, you have to address scalability and volatility. "He said.

“In the case of cryptography, it’s a good test ground to experiment with encryption technology,” Buterin said. “There will be a lot of applications that can take advantage of future encryption technologies.”


Is it me or Does Zooko look likes the character Marty Deeks from NCIS Los Angeles




Came across this Tron article today wherein Zcash is mentioned, “Tron made a public claim in 2018 saying that it would follow anonymity as a coin. On the basis of the concept used by ZCash, Tron is coming up with the “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive of Knowledge (zk-SNARKS)” program. Even LiteCoin is planning to have similar technology.”

Source: https://www.cryptonewsz.com/tron-is-battling-with-eos-dapp-the-coin-is-making-sure-it-rules-the-market/14898/


(zcash not mentioned, but possibly relevant to zcash)

“Companies interested in using a public ledger may want to opt for private blockchains, said Randi Eitzman, senior threat pursuit analyst with FireEye iSIGHT”


Privacy poisoning poses problem for promising programming producers