Zcash gets a mention!



Certainly insightful. Carnivory huh? My diet contists mainly of hemp and milk!


great diet! pretty-much the same, except i prefer mtn dew over milk. i plan on living to 140 via robotics



It is slow to load but interesting read



Its all so very cordial right now, bitcoin way on top with all the other little cute, fledgling alt coins way down below. Up a few dollars? Good for you!
As the balance swings the other way, so to do their smiles. Its like a shishi odoshi (Japanese bamboo water fountain thing). Once it begins to tip the other way, it all goes really quick.


“Is The Zcash (ZEC) Run Sustainable? We Think So” https://globalcoinreport.com/zcash-zec-run-sustainable-think/


assange mentioned zcash again


“ultra private monero” …I dont think so.


I saw that too. Was wondering about that ampersand and oxford comma there, as if to make it sound like it applies to both but maybe not? That writer is either a master of enigmas, or we’re just looking into it too deep!


“Here are seven closest rivals for Bitcoin“ https://economictimes.com/news/international/business/here-are-seven-closest-rivals-for-bitcoin/ethereum/slideshow/62135660.cms


“Zcash Coin Prices Break Out And These Are the Implications” https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/zcash/zcash-coin-prices-breakout-these-implications/


Not related to cryptocurrencies but pretty cool. Its about finding rational solutions to diophantine equations by finding symmetries by plotting paths of least action across non conventional spaces, its neat.


Bitcoin Cash and ZCash Are Coming to OpenBazaar in Early January, Litecoin to Follow Soon

strange piece, jp… slams ZEC for no reason, and rambles about litecoin. weird! not your best work jp.

side note: jp’s been covering ZEC for around a year, and still doesn’t capitalize Zcash correctly. i know you’re lurking, jp …


“Edward Snowden Loves Zcash, Or At Least the Tech Behind It”

another weird one… who is cryptokeono? you know your article is crappy when you need to add a nobody’s twitter comments to your piece. guess, all attention is good; i’ll take it.


All of the Top 20 Cryptocurrencies Hit Record Highs This Week

via Blockfolio: http://goo.gl/Lqzhjr


“why investors shouldn’t panic” https://postanalyst.com/2017/12/22/reasons-why-crypto-investors-shouldnt-panic-ethereum-zcash-iota-cardano-moenro-ripple/


somebody did a write-up on bolt https://www.investinblockchain.com/bolt-anonymous-micropayments/


zcash mentioned in NYT. wish it was under better circumstances, but, no-such-thing as bad press for a new alt! believe this is our first NYT mention!

…and they miscapitalized Zcash. unsure why people have a difficult time with this.


Right! If anything its ZK-ash!
Edit- we should coin the word for nano-zec (like satoshi for bitcoin), and I propose it be “Zookoin”