Zcash gold bling

I have a feeling this idea won’t be so popular here but I figured i’d post this up and see what kind of response I get.

I’ve been speaking with a jeweler about creating a custom line of Zcash gold necklaces. While I was initially only interested in getting one or two created he has pointed out that if I make a larger bulk order that he will be able to give me a significant discount on the price.

I’m curious if there is anyone else out there that might be interested in such a thing? If I can find 5-10 people that are interested I will likely move forward on the bulk purchase.

Let me if you’re out there and we can go from there!


I thought to do that too I just need a steel mold in the shape of a z cash symbol, silvers cheap

Shapeways.com - you can 3d print in metal. There are loads of jewelry designers using it.

That actually sounds really cool but a 3D printer that prints in metal versus a good torch, a mold and a crucible is huge price difference

They will print in wax as well for casting your own.