Zcash is the worse cryptocurrency from top 100 capitalization


Hello zcash community. Sorry for my English,but I can not endure this situation.Today zcash price has reached a historic low and now is 0.0143 BTC. This is the worst result of top 100 capitalization cryptocurrencies. This is a terrible result for more than 2 years of coin development.Even Dogecoin which does not carry technology and was created for fun shows the best stability on the market.
From the latest news, developers do not want to completely stop ASIC mining. Thus, we are doomed to further inflation of the coin. Why developers kill the once beautiful coin?


The (high) inflation stays the same regardless if it’s mined entirely by ASICs or GPUs. You can know more about the supply schedule here: https://z.cash/blog/funding


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Just go short buddy.