Zcash Media 2023

Hi all,

Understandably, I’ve been seeing people curious about our timeline. First off, I want to apologize for posting less updates than we’d like. Our number one priority has been making the content and everyone has been heads down on that. Our timeline has gotten stretched because the videos we chose to do are ambitious and have required a lot of research and writing time. We are still in the middle of creating the deliverables for our first milestone, and we are making good progress. I’ll be able to give a much more concrete update on future plans, including when to expect the videos to be published, once we are finished making them. We are targeting the end of November for finalizing the content.

Although we are taking longer than we would have liked, I think it may be helpful to know that our budget for this first phase has not changed. We are still working off of the startup funding we received in March (⅓ of the total budget), with the other ⅔ of the budget reserved by the ZF until we hit our Milestone 1 and 2 deliverables.

We’ve also been investing our own time and resources into the content because we really want it to succeed in reaching as wide an audience as possible. We believe there are many untapped future fans of Zcash and the privacy community’s mission and values, but it requires a content strategy that can meet them where they are at and explain complicated concepts in relatable and engaging ways. This has been our goal from the beginning - building a base of supporters from the ground up through understandable and motivating storytelling.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. Our team is working around the clock to make content the community can be proud of, and I’ll give more updates ASAP.