Zcash Media 2023

Hi all,

We submitted 5 deliverables to ZCG/ZF yesterday!

Here’s where each episode stands:

  1. Episode: Dilemmas. Status: Submitted.
  2. Episode: Cashless. Status: Requires further editing and animation.
  3. Episode: Web3. Status: Requires further editing and animation.
  4. Episode: Constitution. Status: Submitted.
  5. Episode: Privacy Regulation Theory. Status: Needs a few more days of editing and animation touch-ups.
  6. Episode: Internet Ethics. Status: Submitted.
  7. Episode: Shorts Batch #1 (9 shorts). Status: Submitted.
  8. Episode: Shorts Batch #2 (9 shorts). Status: Submitted.

Our top priority right now is finishing the remaining 3 deliverables.

Regarding distribution, we’re not quite ready for that yet. We first want to finish the remaining deliverables to complete Milestone 1, discuss with ZCG any notes they have on the videos, strategize distribution with ZCG, and get ahead on creating the next set of videos. In general, our feeling right now is that it is best to be able steadily release the videos as part of a cohesive campaign spread out over a long-enough time period to sustain attention. Personally, I think our experience releasing our last videos supports this strategy. Last time, we tried to time the videos to sync with NU5, which created a rush to release everything. So ultimately, while I think it was exciting to have the videos come out so quickly (we got our first grant in August of '21 and released the videos in April '22 - less than 9 months!), we released them and had nothing left in the tank to sustain attention. Plus, the market took a downturn, taking the oxygen out of the room. This time, I hope we can build a library of enough content to be able to release things over a much longer time period, creating a much more reliable, systematic, and sustainable campaign. (It’s an added bonus if releases are aligned with a rising market.)