Zcash Mining - Too Late


I'm from the UK.
I would really like to get involved in the mining. For fun really.

I would love to build a 8 gpu 1080ti rig, all out. Document it all, post it up, tweak it to hell.

I'm not interested in getting rich, but I would like to break even. The cost of building the awesome machine would be about £5000.
I do have 5000, and I will not be homeless should the money dissappear.

But I would really like a chance to just break even if possible.
What's your thoughts?


I'd suggest using WhatToMine.com to enter the hash rate you expect, watts power usage etc.

Not sure if 8 GPUs would work (depends on motherboard, OS etc), but using 6 I guess you could earn about $23 per day or about £17.80 for the whole rig after electric costs.. If you pay out £5K initially then at current difficulty and network hashrate you'd recoup the outlay in just over 9 months.

But difficulty is increasing as more miners coming on board. But if Zcash keeps increasing from $250 upwards then it may even out.

Personally if I had to choose how to spend £5K, I'd do three RX580 rigs of 6 cards each. Which you can then switch to mining ETH or other coins if needed in the future. 1080s don't do well with ETH mining apparently.

Isn't it more like $44 per day with 6 Ti's?
Ballpark 3900 sol/s...

(I'm still VERY new at this so I'm trying to see if I figured out how it works or if I'm missing something) :slight_smile:

I was working off 6 GPUs, not 8 as I think you will have problems with 8 on one rig - may be wrong though and would love to be proved wrong.

I just went to WhatToMine.com and clicked "6" for the 1080s - giving a hash rate of about 2800 h/s... I didn't use the "8 x 1080s" although you can change the figures accordingly.

Personally, I would still do the 3 rigs of 6 x RX580 in each - that way you don't have all your eggs in one basket and if one rig has problems you aren't going to get too stressed..

Oh ok, I was using the nicehash tool, and set 6*650 sol/s, getting like 3900...
2800 does sound pretty low for 6*1080Ti's from what I've read.