Zcash Service Status Dashboard

Hey ZCash community!

@aviral and I just published a proposal to create a Service Status Dashboard for the various services operating inside the ZCash ecosystem. Link to the proposal: https://grants.zfnd.org/proposals/761374418-zcash-service-status-dashboard

This is in line with our interest in building monitoring infrastructure around ZCash :nerd_face:

We would love to get the community’s feedback and especially criticism so that we can learn and update the proposal if need be. Last but not least, if you think the proposal should be funded, we humbly request y’all to contribute :blush:


Hi all,

After successfully wrapping up the first leg of service status dashboard which is live here:

ZCash Service Status Dashboard

We are back with Proposal 01 which builds on the success of Proposal 00. In this proposal, we propose to:

  • revamp: the UX of the dashboard.
  • extend:
    • support for communities and forums
    • coverage for exchanges (from 10 to 31 exchanges).
    • coverage for trading pairs on these exchanges (from 2 to 16 trading pairs).
  • build:
    • coverage for blockchain explorers.
    • API support to query data.
  • and educate the ZCash Community and the internet by writing blogs post on:
    • our experience of how we went about getting a grant funded by ZCash foundation. Will involve the processes we followed.
    • why are we building the service status dashboard and our long term vision of the project.

Link to the proposal: https://grants.zfnd.org/proposals/1447643692-zcash-service-status-dashboard-proposal-01

As always, would love feedback from the ZCash community and feature requests if any :smiley: