Zcash Thorchain Integration Grant

It’s unfortunate to see a developer of your caliber continue resorting to belittling other projects in the ecosystem and spreading misinformation. I want to clarify that the public infrastructure portion for the Nighthawk team grant, which you seem to question, was carefully discussed and implemented based on the recommendations of the @LightCli_WG in 2022. Our decision to host the lightwalletd infra on globally distributed instances, on a Kubernetes cluster was driven by the necessity to meet the scaling requirements and to explore novel methods for wallet syncing improvements that are not met by running a “cloud vps”. This approach was thoroughly vetted and agreed upon to efficiently manage the increased load on our servers.

Regarding costs, the average k8s cluster yearly expenses quoted by our team are well within industry standards. @NighthawkApps has diligently continued to operate and maintain the public infrastructure, demonstrating our commitment to the public infrastructure’s success. It’s also disappointing that despite our efforts to provide transparency, the @ZcashGrants committee did not fully recognize the essential expenses related to DevOps, team operational, and hardware costs in our grant expense breakdown in Feb’23.

Please check the last update shared in Dec’23 following the grant milestone update on the Zcash Grant platform.

Thorchain X accounts don’t influence which chains are approved on TC. My community-building efforts have generated significant interest among validators to support adding transparent ZEC to Thorchain. It’s the node runners who vote, not end users.

No, the TC work is ongoing, but our progress was halted upon discovering the rug pulled by the ZCG. Once TC work is completed, there’s a process involving audits, testing, before going live on mainnet. And with follow-up changes in ancillary code, ZEC can be added to the Maya Protocol(being a fork of TC)

Either @BrunchTime was unaware of the scheduled meeting, or he chose to mislead the community by claiming there was ‘no meaningful response.’ from my end, based on the shared communications on X, there was indeed a plan to meet. However, given the influx of TOR lightwalletd, Maya grant applications in the last few weeks, shedding light on the operation of the @ZcashGrants committee. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the committee conveniently opted to exclude the integration of Nym into wallets, removing Nighthawk Wallet and Zingo! as a recipient of the work of integrating Nym, instead choosing to fund the development of the Nym framework for mobile. However, this decision overlooks the immediate utility for Zcash users.

Considering my experience with the committee and their funding decisions, it’s evident what’s happening, especially given the timing of rejecting this grant and application of another. It’s unfortunate how centralized decision-making has contributed to Zcash’s challenges in the privacy coin space.