Zcash to USD exchange?


I do that a lot. So give it a trial. The menus are so clear.


eyajuda, and how do you use crptonator to withdraw?


Two interesting ways

1- Cryptonator allow you to move ur euro or dollar to payeer.com from there
if you have payeer.com MC/VISA card you are good.


2- Register an account on skrill.com. Move your money to btc straight to
skrill.com. They accept bitcoin direct to euro. And from Skrill.com you can
either move it to ur MC/VISA card or direct to your bank account directly.

I hope any of these works for you.


How has the second option work for you? smooth?


Very smooth. The only thing there is for direct transfer to ur bank account
takes like 3-5 days, but it works.
Alternatively you can use www.okpay.com to access an exchanger to dollars
direct and move dollars to skrill.com


what's the fee to withdraw to your bank? i see it's $5??


@zooko have you talked with the Twins @ Gemini? Maybe they would integrate ZEC. Seems to be growing quickly.


yes up to 1000usd I guessed


Can you explain to me how you’re selling Zcash for USD on Kraken? I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I only seem to be able to transfer Zcash to another Zcash wallet. I wanted to unload some Zcash the other day when it spiked to $400 and couldn’t figure it out. Lost a ton of potential profit due to this.


You select ZEC/XBT and then you place a “New Order”.


Wouldn’t that just buy Bitcoin with ZEC? I’m looking to sell ZEC for USD quickly as you can do in something like Coinbase.


Send the ZEC to a Cryptonator wallet address and then change that into either LTC or BTC. Send those coins to a Coinbase account and cash it out like nags says above. Easy!

You’re gonna pay fees all along…that’s the way the game is played.


Sorry. I misread. But ZEC/USD is there as well. Not sure why you can’t see it.


I can see it but that’s just the pairing that is displayed. Not an option to sell. Kraken support got back to me and said my only option is to wire transfer to a bank.


This seems to be the way to go. Unless I mine straight to Cryptonator.


As I mentioned earlier, you have to place a “New Order”. Perhaps you should take a look at the FAQ for the site to get a better understanding of the interface :slight_smile:


A “local zcash” site would be cool to see in the coming future.