ZCG Grant Idea Thread

@hanh this made me think of a multisig setup where both the hot and air gapped wallet both need to sign the transaction. Not within scope but it made me think of your proposal :relaxed:.

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ZWallet has an air-gapped feature (cold storage spending) where you prepare the transaction in the app, and sign it offline with a separate command-line utility.


@MikeInMass It doesn’t use QR-codes like the Vault app because the size of the transaction data is too large and makes it less user-friendly ( ZCash offline signer (cold wallet) - YouTube)
Less user friendly for sure but I’m like a grandpa and I can use it :slight_smile:
@GGuy Technically, FROST is not a multisig protocol but a multi-party ceremony. If you want to do it offline, you would be scanning a lot of qr codes back and forth…


you prepare the transaction in the app, and sign it offline with a separate command-line utility. […]
I’m like a grandpa and I can use it

It’s great that ZWallet has given some thought to air-gapped security, and please don’t take this personally, but the mentality that command-line solutions are in any way acceptable long term is a big obstacle to wide adoption of ZEC and, more generally, decentralization of cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you and I can hack on the command line, and command-line solutions are a great first step.

But the fraction of people in general who can do so is vanishingly small. And those of us who are comfortable on the command line often can’t understand how much normal users are afraid of it. For more than half of the population, once you tell them to open a command line, you’ve lost them forever. If they’re interested in cryptocurrency at all, they’ll retreat to some awful centralized exchange, just because they’re comfortable in its carefully crafted web GUI.

If the transaction data is too large for a single QR code, then for heaven’s sake look into an animated sequence of QR codes. I think there are libraries to handle those, these days.

Whether it’s done in the AirGap Vault/Wallet or in ZWallet or in something else, it’s critical for wide adoption that Zcash have the most user-friendly way possible to store private keys on an air-gapped device and use them to transact on a network-connected device. And I don’t see any safe alternative to some variation on QR codes.

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Make Shielded trades trustless…


The price of zec has historically stayed above $50 usd, however long term zec holders may experience more traumatic down swings in the future. One way to diversify some zcash grant holdings while it remains high in price could be for a grantee to purchase a large piece of land (222 acres) for the propose of developing a future home of zcash themed identities in the future.
Example: Satellite Company operating zcash nodes in outer space needs an earth license so the operator is physically located on the future zcash land holdings.


Definitely need to send Zcash nodes to space. Check this out for Bitcoin https://txtenna.com/


Grant idea to work with custody providers like Anchorage, Coinbase Custody, Fireblocks etc to support shielded pool. That makes exchange support easier & straightforward.


Stay tuned to RFI/RFPs for both increasing Zcash nodes and Exchanges supporting the shielded pool.