Zcoin miner Bounty

I realize its competition but heres the link,
also the main webpage is https://zcoin.io
and here is their BCT link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1638450.0

Does this coin work well ?
It woth switch to mine this ?

how much does 1060/1070/1080ti s ? mi rig is getting 3500 in zcash.

please respond, thank you

no, it's complete trash. pump-n-dump scam.

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Totally unfounded response

I'll let you decide here's a link to its BCT page you can ask questions in their forums


my response is well founded ...that's a science fact!
side note: there's a new specific thread on the forum where people can discuss pump-n-dump sca........ errrrr, altcoin investment opportunities

Please enlighten me on the science facts....

Mods kindly move this discussion to the proper thread

no need! already said what i needed to say! just letting you know the thread exists. have a good one!

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