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Could we have an Online Zcon 4.5? Anyone interested or has some thoughts on this?

Why? To Conference Organisers Everywhere… – Arun Raghavan

I’m sure there are plenty of people that are tight on budget but have some interesting thoughts or projects to share. I’d be happy to listen to them.

I personally wish to remain private but I’d gladly offer some of my time if useful to organize this. We could start small. We can keep having a physical Zcon every year, and maybe that Online Zcon in between those.

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A lot of the people involved in Zcon4 are still returning to their grind and catching up on regular business, so it may be too soon to bring something like this to ZF. That being said, I have something in the works that I think will satisfy your needs :wink: Stay tuned.


The idea I had in mind would be to make it complementary to Zcon, so mostly not with the same subjects and speakers. I can certainly understand that once a year is already an important time and energy commitment for the people participating.

I was thinking maybe something more grassroots, yet well made. I don’t know. On Twitter I’ve seen Zcash profiles of many third world countries. I’d love to hear from them. Even if they don’t speak english, we could get them subbed. I think more first world people need to hear the stories happening in the third world countries, and how Zcash is having a positive impact.

We need to inspire people to join Zcash for reasons other than self interest, and this could be one way.


You have a great vision! Thanks for the input. I’ll share details when there’s something to share.

In the meantime, ZFAV Club, Zcash Brazil and I are headed to dWeb Camp Brazil where we’ll be recording and helping with local, on-location translations.

You should hear more about the event idea within a couple of months.

Anyone else who has ideas to add to an event brainstorm can share them here or simply begin organizing the event and share the details with us :grin:



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