ZconV: May 6th-10th, 2024

The Zcash Zclip Contest prize address is MUCH larger than the 10 ZEC we started with.

Check the latest contest news before the deadline on Monday at 00:01 utc

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A Zclip Scavenger Hunt! :coin:

So many mentions of the Zk Av Club during ZconV presentations :blush: THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE! :heart:

Zclip Team Z:

i will send a bonus shielded prize for each (good) clip that mentions us. ZkAv Zclips must be on a valid zclip zpage of a registered contestant.



Thanks for this, @Danika !!!


I sent the below resource guide to all registered attendees yesterday and thought it may be helpful to share here as well for everyone :slightly_smiling_face::

Still energized from ZconV? This is a perfect time to get more involved AND give you your anonymous feedback on ZconV: https://forms.gle/ZAy81ys5WwNyrdm16

How to Get Involved:

Other Resources shared by presenters:



Expanding ZCAP (for self-nomination purposes) - I believe that anyone engaged enough with the ecosystem to have been an active participant or viewer in ZconV, ought to be a member of ZCAP.

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Zcash Global Lounge

Every Friday @ 16:00 [utc]

This week:

ZconV Reactions &&
Zcash Zhort Clip Contest
Winners and Prizes :trophy: :coin:

Let’s send ZconV off with a BANG

:zebra: :zebra: :zebra: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Announcement regarding Zcash Global Lounge 5/17 @ 16:00 UTC

I have coordinated with Ryan, ZCG, and ZF, regarding tomorrow’s planned discussion about Zcash Media in the Global Lounge, and we have collectively decided it would be best to delay the conversation to a later date to ensure impactful outcomes of the meeting.(More details to come).

We will keep the Zcash Global Lounge tomorrow focused on ZconV reactions and discussion including announcing the ZconV Zclips contest winners, prizes, showing some clips, and hearing from community members about their ZconV experience.

Check out this forum post to see all the Zpages, submissions, etc… We had 23 community members submit 667 Clips. The Zero-Knowledge Audiovisual Club - #104 by ryan.taylor