Zcrash not zcash

project bad due

  • zcashd bricked since spam; ‘emergency team’ unable to deliver on time (+ zcashd buggy)
  • bad effort allocation by engineering complexity by add u, instead of removing t
  • delusional: compliance theater to secure funds, yet delisting happens along other privacy coins
  • people: high churn rate confirms process friction and unable to retain addon talent
  • accidentally starving independent ecosystem marketing with legal structure and branding
  • wasting funds on ‘experts’, instead of block rewards split into mining(staking) and Community Crowdfunding System (CCS) with strict pay only deliverables.
  • blockchain bloat by on-chain messages, which storage layers will provide in abundance.
  • future privacy will be composed of a stack of interweaved networks (api, nodes, indexing, storage, traffic etc), with zcash being monolithic loner and becoming complexity monster.

good luck


previously Zcash - an ode to the digital cash thesis


Welcome to the forum. Glad to see someone cares so much about Zcash that they want to contribute to the conversation. :grinning:

Can you tell me what kind of bugs did you encounter? I’m running zcashd on an old laptop just fine.


Welcome back you mean haha! It appears that groots has been here for years, but only pops up to share opinion on rare occasion.