Zeboot: ECC + community workshops

As we move into 2024, under new leadership, the globally distributed ECC team is meeting up in person at Zeboot, a multi-day gathering to collaborate and build strategy. The event will take place in Palm Springs, CA, Jan. 29-Feb 1. The workshops and presentations there will inform the ECC roadmap with a focus on Zcash adoption and user experience.

These sessions may be of interest to other Zcash builders, and because the outcome will have broader implications for the Zcash community, ECC is opening a limited number of seats for active community contributors. ECC won’t cover the cost of travel and attendance for non-employees, but if you are interested in attending, please fill out this form. The Zeboot summit will not be live-streamed and we don’t plan to accommodate remote participation, however we will publish insights and outcomes from the event.

Full agenda and location details to follow.