ZEC Deposit taking really long time?

Anybody know why on Binance it says the transaction is Completed but when I look at the Transaction History it keeps moving up went from 13 to 16 to 20 transactions now. Still has not showed up in my Ledger Blue and I have done this numerous times, please help.

It takes 100 to 120 confirmed (depends on site/wallet) transactions before the funds are moved. it can take 15 to 45 minutes, usually not that long, but err on the said of time.
Also if you didn’t pay the small fee it can take 24 to 48 hours

Same with me Ledger Nano S. 80 confirmations but my balance hasn’t updated.

giving my experience so far .

I just made one transfer 10 minutes ago to Trezor and it took 5 minutes , and I thought that is long.
it usually takes less than a minute .
the second I make the transfer it show on my Trezor as unconfirmed .
then usually a minute or so and its confirmed
today it took 5 minutes to confirm though .

Hello, i have some problem with transaction on Yobit, from our pool. image

Follow up:

Wallet balance updated at ~100 confirmations.

I have a transaction that have not been credited to my account, i have Txid, someone know how can i check it?