Zec or gold? Need advice

Need opinions. I have a gold chain that i purchased 15 years ago. It is now worth a 1080ti. Im trying to decide if its a good idea to scrap it and buy another 1080ti. Im thinking long term. Gold wont go up, zec will.

What ya think?

My take: a gold chain won’t help you grow; learning about cryptocurrencies/mining and how to build a computer will teach you something new.

Alternatively, if civilization collapses, the chain might get you some bread and water. ZEC probably won’t. :smiley:

Gold wont go up huh? You know once that card is antiquated or dead, theres a decent chance someone will scrap it for its gold. Think about it

If you don’t like it because it’s an ugly chain and you’ll never wear it, you can melt it down in a flux and extract the gold from it with bismuth oxide and then cupel it
Assuming that it’s not 24 Karat in which case you could just melt it pour into a form

sell the gold chain and buy some zec. learn to trade a little.but be patient on trades…
with the amount of miners out there and eth’s POS change getting into mining now is for reasons other than sound investment.

Gold is a long term investment, not to say zec may not be as well but gold is essentially guaranteed, like belgorion said, even after the apocalypse
To function all modern electronics, and subsequently all cryptocurrencies require gold.
Also silver, platinum, iridium

Another method, moderately hazardous if you dont use ppe, dissolve the gold in chloroauric acid, will yield .999, filter out the copper and and precipitate the gold with sodium bisulfite, then melt, youll get more for pure bullion