ZECPages usability sprint part I

Hey all! I’m Marc, the product designer helping out @BrunchTime . I’ve been in the crypto world since 2016. My first exchange was Poloniex. lol. Anyway, I’m writing this post as a hello world! of sorts. Super excited to be part of this small but enthusiastic community.

As promised in the sprint, I am electing to keeping my work open and transparent with the community. I’ve written a fairly long and winding research proposal here . (not required reading)

What I want you to take away from that is this:

  • At present, ZECPages has ~870 registered users.
  • Of these 870 users, 314 have added Z addresses, which means only 36.09% have connected their wallets.

Not a terrible onboarding rate by any standard metric, but I believe we can decrease that gap by a significant margin if we answer this question:

  • Users who signed up but didn’t connect their ZEC wallets - why?

Where I’d like your input:

  • There’s only so much designing I can do around the real problem, which is, if you’re a new user, creating then connecting your ZEC wallet is a massive PITA.
  • @BrunchTime has informed me of a few solutions which I barely understood, I am just a pixel pusher after all, but I would like your suggestions on how we might solve it from the tech side.

Aside from onboarding, my goal with this project is to make the general user experience more intuitive and in-line with modern day best UX/UI practices, without losing its retro/underground visual character.

What am I doing now?

  • I’m trying to collect more survey answers here
  • Figuring out which value props resonate will resonate with new users the most (ie: what’s compelling about zecpages?)
  • I’m gonna be mapping out existing the user flows for
  1. People who are new to crypto, don’t have wallets, and don’t know how to connect them.
  2. People who already have wallets but don’t know how to connect it.
  3. People who already have wallets and know how to connect it.

By my next update I should have wireframes ready for usability testing. :man_cartwheeling:

Edit: also plugging my twitter. peep the branding explos :smiley:


Nice to meet you and to have you working on ZecPages!

Michael @BrunchTime did a great job of showing what ZecPages can do, building his idea from scratch, and I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements you can make as a team.

I recall @holmesworcester had some suggestions last meeting, perhaps he will drop by and say Hi too.