ZecWallet one on desktop and one on laptop

My laptop version is v0.6.2 this is my original one.

My desktop version is v0.6.8 and this is my backup.

They share the same “z” address but they do not share the same transparent addresses.

Right now I can see the same amount on the “z” address. But I lost very small .02 Zec on the “t” address.

What should I do to make them share the same “t” address?

Note that there is no way for the ZecWallet on your desktop and laptop to sync automatically. They are running 2 separate wallets.

If both nodes are fully synced and you’re still seeing the difference, that means that one of the wallets is missing the t-address with the 0.02 ZEC. What is likely happened is you created the t address on one of the machines, recieved 0.02 ZEC on it. The other machine has no way of knowing this, so you’re “missing” the 0.02 ZEC. You have 2 options:

  1. Copy the latest wallet.dat to the other machine. Be careful overwriting the wallet.dat, please make backups first
  2. If the wallet.dat is the same, you likely need to run a rescan. Please see: https://docs.zecwallet.co/troubleshooting/#how-to-perform-a-wallet-rescan

Did you mean “backup wallet.dat” ?
This will be saved into a file.

How do I move this file to the other computer?

What I’m seeing is that the t addresses on the laptop vs the desktop are not the same.
The t address on one do not show on the the other or vice versa and so as the balance.