Zecwallet unknown error during sync

Installed ZecWallet 6.5 on Debian 9 from .deb package. The unknown error popup shown below occured twice during the initial blockchain download. Clicking on the OK button allowed downloading to continue. It finished but I’m not certain that all blockchain data is correct. Is there an easy way to verify the integrity of my local blockchain - or should I just try to download the blockchain data again? Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Sorry the error is not more helpful, but this is most likely due to an incorrect download of the params files. You can try simply deleting all the files in ~/.zcash-params and restarting ZecWallet. This will re-download the files and check them for integrity.

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Thanks - I tried that and it seems to have worked. No error messages.
I’m delighted that I didn’t need to re-download the entire blockchain.