Zero-knowledge Audiovisual Club

ZconV Berlin is more than just a watchparty.

We’re a full node and a whole zeal!

ZconV: Zcash Unified | Zcash Foundation

It began as a virtual conference and, with the creation of ZconV Berlin, it’s evolving into a new kind of meetup/conference experience. Several Zcashers will join us, including presenters and moderators who will be included as part of the official programming, presenting live.

ZconV Berlin presents a unique opportunity to see how a global virtual event is produced. A special glimpse behind the curtain.

Here are some highlights

Monday | Zero-knowledge pizza

Plus, a special behind-the-scenes workshop:
Global interconnected decentralized production of ZconV (will not be streamed)
And, we’ll take time to organize Zk unconf zero.

Tuesday | Watchparty: Global Privacy Regulation and Policy

Is there such a thing as a chill day of privacy regulation and policy talks?

Wednesday | Zk unconf zero

This unique day of ZconV will feature in-person presentations, lightning talks and special guests! If you haven’t been to an unconference before, I highly recommend joining on Wednesday.

Thursday | Shields up: Wallet workshops

Test wallets, learn about shielded transactions, explore the UX of privacy-preserving technology and play with some non-Zcash zk wallets, too ++ We’re working on a very special livestreamed event for the end of Thursday.

Friday | Meet Zcash Global

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Lots of updates coming today and throughout the week!

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** ZconV Berlin flyer by Least Authority team
** banners by @zerodartz

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