ZF Community Call: ZOMG and Conflicts of Interest

We invite everyone to join us for a community call focused on ZOMG and Conflicts of Interest this Wednesday, Oct. 6 20:00-21:30 UTC. To join the call and pose questions to the panelists, please register here. The call will also be livestreamed to the Foundation’s YouTube channel so you can watch at your leisure.


My phone was forcing driving mode for the call and I couldn’t even see the chat, had to listen to youtube where the chat was also disabled bah! Sorry my phone mic is toast but I listened to whole thing and I’ll post my thoughts here I suppose. Completely in agreeance about protecting the status of the foundation, I’ve made that pretty clear before and I’m surprised I didn’t consider the prospect of a committee member applying or recieving grant payouts while also serving and the grave issues there (also agree it’s better to find that out sooner than later). I think the staggering process seems pretty reasonable but thats probably on a personal, case-by-case basis (my own is unaffected). The idea of inurements was definitely taken into account during dev fund discussions but, like I said, the MGRC was a later addition to the basic structure. The zomg as independent entity discussion was last held here in earnest just after last Zcon and I’ll refer you to search it out if you’re interested but my opinion then basically could be to taken just like now, protect the status of ZFND and protect zip-1014, the post-founders fee development fund. The Zomg notes are wonderful! :heart: thank you!


Video of the call is up: