ZF is recruiting a Community Support Coordinator

As I teased during my opening address at Zcon3, the Zcash Foundation is recruiting a Community Support Coordinator, to provide technical support to the Zcash ecosystem.

Since NU5 activated, we’ve seen a major uptick in the number of people encountering problems while using Zcash. While members of the Zcash community do an admirable job of providing assistance, we believe there’s an opportunity to improve the Zcash UX by having someone focused on helping users solve problems they encounter while onboarding to, and using Zcash, whether they’re using zcashd, Nighthawk, ZecWallet, or Ywallet.

This is very much an experiment, so we’re going to start off with a three month contract. However, if all goes well, we hope to extend that and, ultimately, make it a permanent role.

Given the nature of the skills required to be successful in a role like this, it’s entirely possible that the successful candidate will come from the Zcash community, so if the role sounds interesting, check out the role description, and apply!


Certainly not speaking for anyone, but perhaps blend @hanh’s proposal for retroactive funding with this role, if he would like.

I have observed him going well beyond his role assisting dozens of people navigate frustrations.


Completely agree. To my observations @hanh has contributed a lion’s share of work that the routinely paid organizations should have been doing in the first place.

Let’s get HanH into a retained, paid role somewhere in the Zcash ecosystem before it’s too late


I feel compelled to say a few things here…

First, I do think a Community Support role/coordinator is needed and a step in the right direction— especially since UX has been quite bad over the past few months. So, good job to ZF for escalating to a paid role.

That said, imho that role is far far far beneath @hanh , especially with the proposed job description and pay range. The proposed pay range would be an insult to Hanh and his contributions to the Zcash project. The rate range extrapolates to about $72k-125k per year.

Very few folks in the WORLD can do what Hanh can do. And based on what we’ve seen over the past few months, no one else has done what he has done to improve the wallet UX in such needle-moving fashion (eg YWallet, BTCPay, warp-sync enhancements, instant sync proof of concepts). So, in short, he should be considered and respected as one of the most valuable technical assets to the Zcash community (much like @str4d @ebfull @daira )……. A support role doesn’t seem right at all.

Since “triage” is mentioned in the job post, I’ll give an analogy. Should a world-class hospital suggest to their world-class brain surgeon that they should run triage support in the emergency department simply because the surgeon volunteers some of his/her/their free time at walk-in clinics. Probably not.

So, my opinion on this is we should find a good fit for this role, but at the same time we need to recognize when there is exceptional talent that would be a better fit in a more impactful role. We should welcome and empower those talented folks and listen to them to see how they think they can best contribute.


I smell here a sudden urgency at looking community friendly :wink: :wink: … I don’t think hanh should fall into Zf claws, nothing good is happening when you involve Zf and the community.

Hi Jack!

How many hours per day should I work? And in which time zone?

Thanks, Ale

Good questions! This is a full-time role, so our expectation would be in the 37.5-40 hours a week range. The only restriction on timezone is that candidates should be able to make themselves available for meetings from 18:00 to 23:00 UTC.

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Agreed :100:%.

The goal of this position is to support people like @hanh by providing a resource who can take some of the user support burden, so they can spend more time delivering code.

For the record, I have a huge amount of respect for @hanh. They’re clearly very talented - precisely the sort of person we need more of in the Zcash ecosystem. Their “how to” videos informed this role’s scope. I used my invite to get them onto ZCAP back in December, and I would love to see them form or join a team that focuses on Zcash.