Zingo Authentic Financial Insights

You are not considering being self-funded by micro-transactions anymore?

That’s our intention. We need to implement-or-integrate several new technologies to get there.

TL;DR We need to see what we’ve got to spend it well.

A key component of micro-transaction funding is a suitable recipient for such funds. We think having finsight into the state of that recipient will be essential to efficiently leveraging those funds…

We need to know not just the size of our treasury but also where it’s coming from and where its going. The right answer for this kind of problem is tooling. More specifically we need intelligent representations of our treasury to make well-informed decisions.

TL;DR We need distributed spend authority to spend it well.

Beyond knowing what we have we need a mechanism to collaborate in the spend process. For that we hope to leverage the shielded threshold signature capabilities that the ZF is working on.